The Nail Strobe Gel Polish Collection

The Nail Strobe Gel Polish Collection

Goodbye Dull & Dark Autumn Nails

Long have autumn/fall nail trends focused on deep and muted gel polish tones, which can be beautiful and are a staple for sure. However, sometimes these shades need a little something to elevate them. Introducing the NAIL STROBE gel nail polish collection.

The Nail Strobe gel polish collection consists of 3 enchanting, colour shifting shades designed to adapt to help you create a on trend and stunning Autumn gel polish manicure. Nail strobe gel nail polish shades are designed to layer over other shades but also can be applied on a clear extension or on the natural nail to give a subtle but still stunning effect.

Take a look at how they adapt depending on the base colour:

The Top swatch is applied on a natural base similar to a natural nail colour and the bottom swatch is applied over a black gel nail polish base. Each shade below is two coats.


'Natures Aura'

Natures Aura gel nail polish by the manicure company - Nail Strobe Collection

'Violet Lights'

Violet Lights gel nail polish by The Manicure Company - The Nail Strobe Collection

'Aquatic Highlight'

Aquatic Hightlight gel nail polish by The Manicure Company


The Nail Strobe gel nail polish collection launches online and in store via an authorized stockist on August 29th 2016.


  • Tracey

    These look absolutely amazing ♡

  • Helena

    Ooh pretty . Cant wait to try them . The combinations will be endless id say they would be fab over colours like coral and mint .

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