Zoom Ombre Nail Art Brush
Zoom Ombre Nail Art Brush

Ombre Nail Art Brush

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The OMBRE nail art brush is a duo fiber brush that has split level hairs of different densities so enable the blending of gel products together. You'll be mastering the technique in no time!


  • Vegan bristles made from synthetic fibers.
  • Matte handle design with metal ferrule.
  • Professional nail art brush.


Cleaning and care guide:

  • The ARTISTIC PRO range of brushes are made from synthetic fibers. Therefore you should never use acetone or other corrosive liquids to clean the brushes.
  • We recommend using a gentle brush cleaner designed for use on synthetic fibers or using our Pro Prep & Wipe solution to cleanse the brush. Always reshape the bristles after cleaning to maintain their structure.
  • Always position brushes with the bristles pointing down when drying. This prevents liquid from traveling through the ferrule which can loosen the adhesive holding the bristles in place.
  • Always store your brushes with the cap on to prevent damage to the bristles.

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