Builder Base

Our next evolution in professional nail enhancement



Builder Base reduces the application time of gel overlays and infills thanks to its superior self-leveling formula and bottle to nail design giving you more time for more clients.

Builder Base also has the benefit of being both UV and LED curable and soaks off with acetone in 10-15 minutes.


The Builder Base formula, when compared to regular builder gels, has a lighter more flexible feel on the nail and feels no heavier than a gel polish manicure.


Builder Base is an ultra-strong formula. It can be used to create an extension over a nail tip or form and to add strength to the natural nail.

It can be used instead of regular gel polish base coats to create a long-wearing, durable and strong foundation base for clients who experience nail breaks or who are looking to grow their natural nails.

Thanks to its strong and durable formulation builder base can be applied thinner than conventional builder gels giving the nail a sleek profile and look.


1 product - 8 shades - UNLIMITED USES

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