Ultra White - UV Builder Gel 30g

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White Builder Gel - 'Ultra White'

UV Builder Gel 'Ultra White' is a medium-thickness single-phase white builder gel that is perfect for use as a French tip. Thanks to the use of optical brighteners and an increase in pigment density of 70% 'Ultra White' is the most vibrant white builder gel we have ever seen. Note: Ultra White will have a blue/lavender hue in the jar. This is due to the UV filters and optical brightening pigments. When applied to the nail the gel is a pure brilliant white.

The builder can also be used as a base layer to increase the vibrancy of additional colours applied over it. 

Colour: White

Size: 30g

Cure: 2 minutes under 36W UV Light / 60 seconds using the Dual Pro lamp

 White Builder Gel 'Ultra White' UV Builder Gel- 30g

Whilst we make every effort to show colours in their truest light due to vast variations in devices, screens and settings colours may appear different online than in person.

We recommend if you are unsure about a shade or are looking for a specific tone to contact our customer service team for assistance as a colour received that is not as expected is not deemed as a fault.

For optimal results we strongly recommend curing all our gel products in the DUAL PRO UVLED Lamp.

Use of a third party lamp may yeild varying results or a breakdown in the service.

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