Should I apply to be a brand ambassador?

Are you passionate about our products and our brand?
Do you love posting content showcasing your skills?
Do you want to have insight into new product launches and be a trend setter?

If you answered yes then you may be a great fit to be part of TEAM TMC #TMCBA

So, you have the passion. What are the requirements?

1000's of followers are great but not essential. We want to champion our biggest supporters. We also want our biggest supporters to champion us.

You must have a genuine passion and love for our brand and products.
As a strictly professional brand any TMCBA must be a fully qualified nail technician.
Being part of our TMCBA team will require you to be active on social media, therefore an active, fun and original social media account is essential.
Be a go-getter, trend setter, nail queen (or king). 

You've got what we want now what are the PERKS?

You're already a passionate TMC customer (thank you). You have the passion and skills to become part of the TMCBA Team (GREAT!). So, what are the PERKS?

⦿ Welcome pack jammed full of TMC goodies
⦿ Exclusive TMCBA permanent discount so you can stay stocked and maximise your in salon returns
⦿ Be the first to receive all new products
⦿ Be part of our testing team receiving under development products to trial and feedback (TOP SECRET STUFF)
⦿ Be promoted and championed across all our social media and our retailers social media channels
⦿ Opportunities to take part in live demonstrations online and in person
⦿ Regular opportunities to take part in sponsored giveaways to help grow your social following
⦿ Upskilling opportunities, with free accredit training on new products

meet the founder


Head over to our application page and let us know you want to become part of the #TMCBA team! We can't wait to hear from you.