Gel Polish Help and Support Guide

Can I use Ultra Builder with The Gel Polish System?

Yes, Ultra Builder Clear Gel is fully compatible with our gel polish system. If you have a client who is prone to lifting or has thin or brittle nails you can apply a thin layer of ultra builder prior to your base coat application.


What lamp do I need to use with your gel polish?

The Manicure Company Gel Polish System will produce the best results using a 36-watt UV light or LED light with a minimum power of 12 Watts


Why after I spray and wipe the finished nail, it is not shiny?

Ans(a). You may be applying too much pressure when wiping the residue layer from the manicure company top coat. Ans(b). Sometimes you may need to wipe the nail with pro prep & wipe solution more than once in order to bring out the shine. Make sure that no residue is left behind as this will cause the nail to appear dull. Ans(c). The product is not cured properly. Make sure to check your bulbs and lamp. Make sure the inside of your lamp is clean and the bulbs are free of polish or dust.


My Gel Polish has wrinkles in it, what’s wrong?

The main cause of wrinkles in gel polish is thick application and under curing. When the polish is applied too thick the lamp cannot penetrate and cure the whole way through leading to a cured outer layer but underneath is still a liquid. This is why the colour layers must be very thin specially on darker shades. We advise 2 thin coats for best performance. (See our curing time recommendations below)


Why does my color seem light and streaking?

Make sure you shake the bottle well before application to ensure the pigment is evenly mixed.


Can I use The Manicure Company Gel Polish on acrylic/gel extensions?

You sure can. The product applies beautifully over both enhancements. Make sure to follow the correct prep steps to ensure a long lasting application.


Why do I have a problem with gel peeling?

Ans(a). Incorrect preparation of the natural nail - The nail plate has not been cleansed of all oils and contaminants such as dust etc. Trapped dust or nail filings create an air pocket under the gel polish inhibiting a proper bond, which may cause the gel to lift and peel.

Ans(b). Applying the Base coat/color coat too thick. If either coat is applied to thick the product may not cure correctly resulting in a weak bond and in some cases movement underneath the cured layer. Make sure to keep coats thin and cure fully. Also, if gel polish is kept in a cold environment the gel will naturally thicken. If you notice this make sure to warm the bottle prior to application.

Ans(c) .The Free-Edge has not been capped correctly - 1. You have not capped the free-edge. This will lead to air or moisture being able to seep in under the gel layer reducing the longevity of your manicure. 2. Product bulk has built up on the nail tip/free-edge. Make sure your brush has very minimal product when capping.

Can I apply more than one layer of Base Coat or Gel Polish color?

Yes, you can apply more than 1 coat of base if required. The ideal application of color is 2 thin coats.


What are the curing times of The Manicure Company Polish?

We recommend a curing time of 60-90 seconds in a LED light of a minimum of 12-watt and 120 seconds in a minimum 36-watt UV light. Remember however, curing times will vary depending on the watt of your lamp and the thickness of your application so correct and thin application is essential to ensure a long lasting perfect gel polish manicure.


Formulation Reference:

The Manicure Company gel nail polish is formulated with a dense pigment ratio. This gives the product the pigment and coverage you love and ensures the product covers evenly & does not shrink but it also requires that the product is applied correctly and this is why we always recommend education is sought.



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