36W UV Gel Nail Lamp

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Product Description

The standard in gel nails. This 36W UV Lamp will cure your gel nail polish in 120 seconds. The lamp consists of a black outer casing which has a removable floor for easy curing of feet. The power comes from 4 x 9w UV bulbs which can be changed when required. The lamp has an auto timer of 120 seconds and will shut off after this time.



1 x black UV lamp fitted with a UK/IRL plus

4 x 9W UV lamp bulbs

1 x Instruction leaflet 



Remove the lamp from its box and protective wrapping. Inside will be 4 boxes each containing a 9W UV bulb. Install the bulbs by removing the floor of the lamp and insert the bulb in each socket until a click is heard. Remove the blue film from inside the lamp.




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