Beige Cover Acrylic Powder


  • Beige Cover Acrylic Powder
  • Beige Cover Acrylic Powder

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Beige Cover is a beautiful opaque peachy beige toned acrylic nail powder. Use to masque the entire nail bed or blend beige cover with our other Pro Enhancement Powders to create custom tones. Thank to it's dense pigment beige cover will add a peachy hue to other powders or alone is a vibrant cover shade.

Application Tips:

Pro Enhancement Powders are an ULTRA FINE acrylic nail powder which have self leveling properties. It is recommended to use a drier bead and ensure you 'bleed' your brush prior to placing your bead on the nail plate.


  • Use with The Manicure Company Pro Enhancement Liquid For Best Results
  • Shake well before use
  • Jar volume: 70g
  • Part of The Manicure Company Acrylic Nail System