Blooming Gel Trio


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Nail art in seconds? Marble, smoke & endless other effects? Blooming gel is your nail art best friend. This trio pack of Blooming gel shades work in harmony with all our gel polish shades meaning the possibilities are quite literally endless.

Directions For Use:

When applying blooming gel it is recommended to firstly apply your gel polish base coat as normal. Then, if creating a design on a white or black background apply 1 thin coat of our gel polish colour coat in True White or Blackout and cure as normal.

Now apply a thin layer of your blooming gel shade but DO NOT CURE. Using your nail art implements  and your chosen gel polish colours draw, dot and stroke your design into the wet layer of blooming gel. Allow the design to 'Bloom' and then cure as normal.

If applying blooming gel over a gel or acrylic enhancement you do not require the use of the base coat.

Pack Includes:

3 x Blooming Gel Shades (8ml x 3)

Black, White & Clear

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