Great Products, Impeccable Service


The vision was to create the highest quality professional nail products that met the demands of the modern nail industry, matched with incredible service and support.

We knew our products had to perform (that's a given) but we wanted more. We wanted to create amazing, innovative and fashion-forward products whilst maintaining a price point that was fair, could enhance and help a business to grow and thrive in a competitive industry. The result, well, it's what you see today. A beautiful, quality line of professional nail products trusted by thousands of professionals and distributed in over 80 locations throughout Europe.



We will strive to ensure our products continuously meet and exceed quality expectations. We will strive to ensure the products we develop work to enhance and elevate our customers business.

Customer service is at the core of our business. We believe good products are essential but good customer service is paramount. We will strive to ensure we offer industry leading customer service to ensure our customers can be confident in the knowledge we are here to support them.

Trust is at the core of our mission, we aim to be a continued trusted source of high-quality products for our customers. Just starting your career, or an industry veteran, we will strive to build a trusting relationship that will last.