Builder Base - Clear


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Builder Base - Clear
Builder Base - Clear
Builder Base - Clear
Builder Base - Clear

Product Description:

Builder Base gel builder in a bottle in shade clear is perfect for use as a base coat for gel polish. It can also be used to encapsulate nail art and 3D / glitter designs.

How To Use:

  • Builder Base does not require the use of a primer. We recommend cleaning the nail with pro prep and wipe solution and then using gel off or acetone to further cleanse the nail plate before application.
  • When using with gel polish simply replace your standard base coat with your chosen builder base shade and cure. If your client has very thin nails use 1 coat of regular base coat before builder base. Apply your colour coats and top coat as normal.
  • When extending the nail or using builder base as an overlay prepare the nail and apply builder base in the same fashion as you would a regular builder gel. We recommend 2-3 coats over 1 thick coat.
  • Builder Base can be removed by soaking in acetone however we would recommend infilling the nails for clients to aid in the growth of their natural nails.
  • Visit the Builder Base FAQ page here:



  • Gel builder in a bottle formula
  • Use as a structure base coat with gel polish
  • Use to extend the nail with a tip or form
  • Cures under UV and LED light (60 seconds LED 120 seconds UV)
  • 21+ days of perfect wear
  • Bottle volume: 16ml (0.54 fl oz)
  • Product SKU:BB02
Builder Base - Clear
Builder Base - Clear
Builder Base - Clear
Builder Base - Clear

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