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Are you passionate about the nail care industry? Do you dream of representing a trusted brand with a reputation for excellence?

Look no further! The Manicure Company is delighted to present a unique opportunity for individuals and businesses to join our esteemed network as brand distributors.


Why Choose The Manicure Company?


Exceptional Quality, Stunning Results: At The Manicure Company, we take pride in our commitment to providing high-quality professional nail care products.

Our carefully formulated range, crafted with premium ingredients, ensures exceptional results, durability, and customer satisfaction. From vibrant gel nail polishes to advanced nail treatments, our diverse portfolio caters to the needs of professionals.

A Brand You Can Trust: As a brand distributor for The Manicure Company, you'll have the privilege of representing a trusted and renowned brand.

Our innovative range of nail care solutions has earned us a prominent position in the industry. Join us and be part of our journey to redefine the standards of beauty and nail care worldwide.


    Unleash Your Potential: By becoming a brand distributor, you unlock a world of possibilities.

    Our exceptional product range, designed to meet diverse preferences and demands, ensures you have a broad offering that appeals to a wide customer base.

    We uphold the highest quality standards, providing peace of mind to both distributors and customers. Our comprehensive marketing and promotional support, including valuable resources, social media assistance, and collaborative campaigns, will boost your brand visibility and drive sales.

    Additionally, we believe in your success and offer training programs, workshops, and ongoing educational resources to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in representing our brand.


    Join us and tap into unlimited growth potential, building a thriving business and creating a loyal customer base.


    How To Apply:

     We're excited to invite passionate individuals and businesses to apply and become brand distributors for The Manicure Company.

    While we already have distributors in Ireland, the UK, Spain, and Iceland, we're actively seeking new partnerships beyond these territories.

    To express your interest and explore this exciting opportunity further, fill out the distributor application form below, and let us embark on a journey of success together.


    Join The Manicure Company and unlock your potential in the thriving nail care industry!