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Always wanted to get started in the nail business? Our professional nail courses have been created to offer students a comprehensive overview of each nail treatment. Facilitated nationwide by The Manicure Company educators each whom have been working in the industry for years gaining invaluable techniques and skills through their years of work. Our nail courses combine educator demonstrations plus hands on practical class work and nail theory. We feel this class structure gives each student the best overall education experience.

All Manicure Company educators have undergone our educator training program to ensure the course that is given meets the highest standards in nail education and you leave every course feeling empowered to confidently being you nail journey.

Your certification: Every Manicure Company course has been approved and accredited by AIT/ABT insurances. We felt this was essential to give students the ability after their training and practice that once they decide to take on clients they can obtain the correct and proper insurance.


This course has been designed using the manicure company hard UV gel nail system. The course will give each student the knowledge and foundation skills required to create an hard gel nail enhancement. The course runs over 3-4 weeks with classroom hours taking place on a half day basis and case studies being completed at home. Your chosen educator will be able to further advise you on class scheduling times.


  • TMC Full Gel Nail Kit plus Pro Cure UV Lamp
  • TMC Training Manual
  • AIT/ABT Accredited TMC Certificate
  • Theory and Practical Nail Exam

    COURSE CONTENT :              

    • Salon Hygiene & Safety

    • Nail anatomy / diseases and disorders

    •  Correct Preparation of The Nail

    •  Application of Tips

    • Product application: French, Natural and Colour

    • Refills /Re-balance

    • Enhancement trouble-shooting 
    • Practical & Theory Exam 
    • 6 Case Studies

    Course Cost: 395 EURO

    Total Course Duration: 3-4 weeks ( 1 class per week)



    The manicure company professional gel nail polish course has been created using our incredible, pigmented gel nail polish formula. This 1 day course has been designed to correctly teach the application of our gel nail polish to salon quality level. Students who successfully complete this course receive a manicure company certificate approved by AIT/AIG allowing professional practice of the treatment in Ireland & the UK.


    • Full Manicure Company Gel Nail Polish Kit Including Lamp
    • Printed Manicure Company Training Manual
    • Manicure Company Professional Certificate


    • Basic Salon Safety Practices & Hygiene (Not In-depth)
    • Basic overview of dieases & disorders (Not In-depth)
    • Basic Anatomy of the nail (Not In-depth)
    • French Pink Gel Polish Application
    • Colour & Glitter Application
    • Removal of gel polish
    • Gel polish troubleshooting 

    Course Cost: 195 EURO

    Total Course Duration: 1 Day 



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