Pro Prep & Wipe - Nail Dehydrator and Finishing Solution - 100ml


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'Pro Prep & Wipe' 

Is a nail dehydrator and finishing solution which has been designed to remove oils and dirt from the nail plate to ensure a clean surface for product adhesion. Will aid in the application and life of your gel polish or builder application. This formula is specially formulated to also be used to remove the tacky layer left after curing leaving a high gloss shine.


Spray onto nails after cuticle and filing work - wipe with a lint free pad until a squeaking sound is heard. The nails will appear chalky in colour showing that oils have been removed. To remove the tacky layer follow the same process to reveal a glossy shine.

Colour: Clear

Size: 100ml

Cure: Allow air dry


Isopropyl alcohol, Bisoxyhydroxypropyl
Methacrylate, HEMA.

Pro Prep and Wipe nail dehydrator and finishing solution by The Manicure Company

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