Gel Bonder


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Gel Bonder

The Manicure Company Gel Bonder enhancement base gel has been designed for use with our gel builder system. This base bonder gel can be used on clients who experience lifting or have weak or brittle nails. You can also use the product as a step when creating a gel enhancement on any client. Gel Bonder is a strong adhesion gel which increases the adhesion of our gel builder to the bonder base layer by up to 50%.

Gel Bonder can also be used to adhere nail art items to your enhancement such as diamonds or other 3D nail art pieces. Gel Bonder can be used as a gel polish base coat however, the product must be applied very thinly. Please remember, when using this product with our gel polish that it is not a soak off formula and therefore the product will not remove when soaking off your gel polish manicure and may require filing.


Apply a thin coat to the nail after you have primed natural nail plate and cure for 2 minutes under 36W UV light. Recommended for use with gel builders. Gel Bonder can be used as a gel nail polish base coat if required (please refer to notes above).

Colour: Clear

Size: 15ml

Cure: UV Light 2 Minutes

Gel Bonder 15ml By The Manicure Company

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